How Well Does Your House Cleaning Company Train Their Employees?

All right, time for another tip on how to hire the right cleaning company for your home! One of the most overlooked traits that clients should be looking for in a cleaning company is how well they train their cleaners. You would think that because they’re offering a cleaning service that the people they’d send over to your house would be qualified by default… But nope, this is not always the case! Not everybody always knows how to clean — sometimes, even those who call themselves “professional cleaning services Vancouver.”

For example, one of our clients at Fresher Cleaning Vancouver house cleaning shared a story with one of our maids that the previous cleaner they hired started mopping her hardwood floors AFTER pouring an entire bucket of water on it. Apparently, the cleaner was not aware that water in large quantities will severely damage floors like this! When the cleaner was confronted about this, she cluelessly stated that this was the way the owner trained them to do it. Either the owner didn’t know how wooden floors can be mopped and cleaned without damaging it or, even worse, did not care enough to teach his staff how to properly care for hardwood floors and just wanted the job done as quickly as possible.

So here’s a tip that you should never forget: always ask the cleaning company how things are going to be cleaned in your home prior to hiring them. Ask specifics about your home: carpets and rugs, floors and any surfaces you have. Be sure to also ask about what kind of cleaning substances they’re using: harsh toxic chemicals or environmentally friendly cleaning agents? The person you’re speaking to (most likely one of the owners) should be able to provide a knowledgeable answer for your questions. Ask how well their employees are trained — top cleaning companies such as Fresher Cleaning always makes sure to train and grade their cleaners, and make sure that they pass their high standards prior to sending them out to a client’s home.

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